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Weekly Planner
Provided by the Center for Academic Success, this document can be printed and used to help manage your time. [.rtf] or [.pdf]

Term Calendar
Semester Calendars for upcoming semesters. Print these documents on legal-sized paper to stay aware of the academic schedule.
  • Fall Calendar 2009 [.pdf]
  • Spring Calendar 2010 [.pdf]
  • Summer Calendar 2010 [.pdf]
very cool site lets you use, and print existing flashcards for various subjects and lets you create your own to print. You can get many resources for free or get more for a paid membership.

Use our GPA Calculator to determine the grades you need to graduate with the GPA you want.

Use this set of self-inventories to help you examine your learning styles.

Test your learning style using this diagnostic tool. Find out how you learn best.

On-line workshops that will teach you how to study smarter not harder.

Videos from Dartmouth Academic Skills Center are available on-line.

Study Strategies Inventories
These inventories will help you assess your strengths and weaknesses and will list behaviors that you should exhibit in order to excel in each area.
There is often a big difference between what you THINK you should be learning in a course, and what the instructor wants you to learn. This exercise shows how learning is easier when you are aware of exactly what you're expected to learn, and you have a strategy for learning it.


Reading Comprehension

Group Learning

Discipline Specific Strategies

Look Below to find printable handouts on the following subjects:

Time Management
  • Setting Achievable Goals [.rtf] or [.pdf]
  • Establishing a Term Calendar [.rtf] or [.pdf]
  • Organizing Your Time with a Weekly Planner [.rtf] or [.pdf]
  • Effects of Self-Talk on Procrastination [.rtf] or [.pdf]
  • When to Study: Managing the Day [.rtf] or [.pdf]
Listening and Notetaking
  • Maximizing Lecture Information [.rtf] or [.pdf]
  • Understanding the Lecture [.rtf] or [.pdf]
  • Cornell System of Notetaking [.rtf] or [.pdf]
  • Cornell Note Paper [.rtf] or [.pdf]
  • Improve Your Listening and Notetaking Skills [.rtf] or [.pdf]
Test Prep and Test Taking
  • The Study Cycle [.pdf]
  • Blooms Taxonomy [.pdf]
  • Strategies for Objective Tests [.rtf] or [.pdf]
  • POSSE: A Study Plan for Objective Tests [.rtf] or [.pdf]
  • Strategies for Subjective Tests [.rtf] or [.pdf]
  • General Test Taking Strategies [.rtf] or [.pdf]
  • Examining Returned Tests [.rtf] or [.pdf]
Stress Management and Academic Anxiety
  • Visualization and Relaxation [.rtf] or [.pdf]
  • Avoiding Procrastination [.rtf] or [.pdf]
  • Goal Setting [.rtf] or [.pdf]

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